We are: believers, fanatics, extremists. And the thing we covet most: brands.
"Relationship"; a word that impacts life and people. It gives life meaning, but, for us at tamra C2, it gives us a drive to create, innovate, and deliver, not just to any brand, but brands that are convention-condemning, thought-provoking, change- empowering brands. And how? With results born out of profound thinking, untired creativity, consumer experience obsession and a good measure of hard work. We call ourselves the "relationship cultivators".
Tony Husseini
Managing Director
Roy Aftimos
Executive Director
Cumai Aboul Housn
Chief Innovation Officer
Leslie Paul
Creative Director
Samer Qaqish
Group Account Director
Vini Rizvi
Group Account Director
Sanjay Bhatia
Business Development Director
Antonio Emanuele Mara
Senior Innovation officer
Tameem Sankari
Associate Creative Director
Theo Von Aspern
Senior Copywriter
Martin Jose
Traffic/Studio Manager
Naer P.V.B.
Finance Director