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1hour with maserati
An iconic emblem for the past century, Maserati has captivated generations of automotive enthusiasts. The signature roar. The alluring curves. These are not merely features but experiences that drive people closer to the brand.

Building on this, we decided to go on a mission of placing the target audience behind the wheel of a Maserati. But more than a test drive, this was an opportunity to spend ‘One Hour with Maserati’ and experience the brand’s timeless values, on a one-to-one basis.

Prospective buyers were invited to a personal session by appointment. The ‘One Hour’ journey began with a video from the Managing Director personally welcoming the prospect, along with a serving of the finest Italian coffee. The test drive was next, accompanied by a host of pictures of the entire journey clicked by Maserati representatives. The pictures were then shared with the prospects as a memorable keepsake and shared on the brand’s social channels with a personal quote from the prospect.

wu wish

wu wish
People come to the UAE seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Western Union wanted to connect with these everyday heroes and create brand stories that reinforce its promise of ‘moving money for better’.

A multimedia campaign was launched under the banner of “WU Wish”, where we embarked on a mission to find out people’s biggest wishes and move money across the world to help realize these wishes. The campaign was kick-started through an inspiring film, which featured real life stories of people working hard to achieve their dreams. In less than a week, the film received over one million views!
We are: believers, fanatics, extremists. And the thing we covet most: brands.

Not just any brand, but the convention-condemning, thought-provoking, change-empowering brands. Bringing such brands to life is what we live for. And our living happens through profound thinking, a purely sensible strategy, untried and untired creativity, consumer experience obsession and a good measure of hard work. More importantly, it doesn’t matter who does what in which role. What matters is who among us can inject the same obsession that we have with our brands into their consumers. And who can breed more believers like us. Let’s start.
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Mere job seekers, move aside. Career builders, imagination steerers, craft explorers, paradigm shifters, strategy hatters and brand obsessors, you are all welcome!
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